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Our Mission.

Our Crew 

At Dynamo Productions we seek to produce the highest quality content possible, and to explore untold stories while doing so.  We started off as a YouTube channel focused solely on steam trains run by one man. Now, we're a team of 10, New Hampshire to California, and our sights are no longer limited to steam trains. The original Dynamo Productions YouTube channel will remain our primary channel and the home to all the best railfanning videos, but it's not the extent of our presence nor our efforts. DynamO Scale launched Christmas 2020, focusing on model trains, and it won't be the last channel our team pioneers. 

Our team is always looking to grow our reach and the team itself. Please contact Everett Meehling at to inquire about joining with any of the Dynamo Productions teams. 

Everett Meehling

CEO, Cinematographer, Editor, Narrator, Lead Event Coordinator, DynamO Scale Project Lead

Jonathan Eau Claire

General Manager of Dynamo Productions YouTube, Cinematographer, Editor, CEO of Yard Goat Images

Brian McDonnell 

Cinematographer, Editor, Narrator, High Iron Project Lead

Michael Hostetter

Narrator, Cinematographer

Daniel Day

Event Coordinator Dynamo Productions LLC, Cinematographer, Editor

Andrew DeSabitino

Cinematographer, Editor

Hunter Lohse

Cinematographer, Editor, Narrator

Nick Martin

Cinematographer, Editor

Hammer Lehmann

Creative Director, Cinematographer, Editor, Colorist

Jason Fields

Cinematographer, Editor 

The founding member of Dynamo, Everett, is a full time railroad engineer and conductor with a passion for steam locomotives and film that drives his efforts with Dynamo Productions. 

Jonathan is a railfanning YouTube Veteran, posting to the site as far back as 2006. Now serving as the General Manager for the Dynamo channel, Jonathan manages the day to day operation of our online presence.

Brian, another railfanning YouTube veteran, has a keen eye and vision for more in depth, creative, and documentary style works. .

Dynamo's second member, Michael, has a great eye for the right shot, and has been helping grow Dynamo with endless contributions since 2012.

Daniel was introduced to railfanning, videography, and editing with Dynamo when he joined in 2014. He's learned quickly and adapted well to his new role as Event Coordinator, helping organize our photo charters.

Andrew has worked alongside many Dynamo members for years, though he only recently joined in team in 2018. His work as a videographer and editor helps round out our east coast based coverage.

Hunter's extraordinary cinematic eye and west coast disposition grants us a foothold in the American west, allowing Dynamo to cover west coast events with relative ease.

Nick's proven understanding of the art that is cinematography earned him a spot on our team at a young age, though his skill and wisdom in the art is well beyond most. His work on his own channel, Pennsy Productions gained him relative popularity before even joining the Dynamo team.

A passion for steam and cinematography mirrored by Everett, Nick, and many of our other members, Hammer's knowledge of the technology and the art combined with his work on his own prior to Dynamo gained him a well deserved place within our ranks.

Years of operating on his own in the niche genre of steam train videos as "The 'Nooga Railfan", as well as a frequent contributor to Dynamo Productions, Jason is among the more seasoned YouTube railfan content creators.

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