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On August 4th 2014 we held a photo event on the Arcade & Attica Railroad in Arcade New York. We used a 1920 ALCo 2-8-0 on an 18 mile round trip covering rare milage, and regular service trackage. Numerous light coordinated run-bys were held throughout the 8 hour event at various locations. Mixed freight was used on the morning session, and a rearranged passenger train was used for part of the morning session, and all of the afternoon session. 

Arcade & Attica Railroad Steam Charter 2014  "Arcade August"


Event Duration: 8 hours

Event Ticket Rates: $100 per person per charter ticket

                                      $200 all day cab ride pass  (1) 

Number Of Attendees: 28

Total Run-bys: 21

Round Trip Excluding Run-Bys: 18 miles 

Engines Used: (1) 1920 ALCo 2-8-0 #18 

Consists Used: (3)

#1: DL Boontons 306, 311

#2: Covered Hoppers MQRX 80015, TILX 637130

#3: Covered Hoppers MQRX 80015, TILX 637130, DL Boonton 306, & 311 

Event Info

Photos & Videos By Attendees

Video by Big Jim Video Productions

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