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Cinematographers. Railfans. One home for both.

Everett Meehling

Blurring the lines between railfanning and the art of cinema.

Who Are We

Everett Meehling - Cinematographer. Editor. Railfan.

Everett Meehling is a driven, passionate film maker based in York, Pennsylvania. Dynamo Productions' founding member, Everett, has led the group since its inception in 2010. All the years filming, editing, and coordinating operations on Dynamo Productions' photo charters has given him a unique skillset and set of experiences that he now brings to the table for clients and students of the art that is cinematography and film making. 


You'll find all sorts of helpful videos on cinematography, including how it applies to railfanning.


I've worked on a lot of projects on Dynamo, and a number for other studios. Recently I worked as the second unit Director of Photography for a PBS documentary produced by Beacon Productions, 'Engineering Tragedy'. This doc tells the story of the tragic Ashtabula Ohio bridge collapse. I have for many years wanted to work on more feature length documentaries - my involvement with this project has pushed me to pursue some of the documentaries I've long wished to do. At this point I've entered pre-production for two feature length documentaries of my own for Dynamo Productions, as well as the late production phase of a mini-documentary that will be published under DynamO Scale. 

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