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Quality Railroad Videos - Welcome to Dynamo Productions

Free to all, our unique YouTube videos centered on railroading offer everyone a chance to see our work, and to truly experience railroading in the 21st century.  The videos featured on this page are only a small sample of the work on our channel, so don't forget to subscribe so you can keep up to date with all of our new videos.


Welcome to Dynamo Productions! On our channel, you will find a wide variety of high quality railroad videos from around the USA, featuring steam, diesel, and electric trains, hauling passengers and freight. 

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The Big Boy Lives! 4014 and 844 to Ogden

For 60 years, no one thought one of the UP's famed Big Boy type steam engines would return. Witness the return of the UP 4014, accompanies by living legend 844 on their way to Ogden Utah for the 150th anniversary of the driving of the golden spike.

Strasburg 90 - Starting a Steam Train

In the heart of the Amish farmlands of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania lies the famed Strasburg Rail Road of Strasburg, Pennsylvania. The Strasburg Rail Road, or SRC for short, has been a staple of the region's tourism since the 1960s. Since 1967 2-10-0 Baldwin Standard Decapod No. 90 has been a staple, too, of this iconic "Road to Paradise". Their largest, youngest steam engine has wowed thousands of passengers each year on the 4.5 mile ride through the Amish farmlands from East Strasburg to Leaman Place Jct.

Conway Scenic Railroad 7470 Turns 100

The year of 2021 marks a significant milestone for the flagship locomotive of the Conway Scenic Railroad with the centennial of their former Canadian National O-18a 7470. To kick off her 100th year, the 7470 powered all regular trains to Conway and Bartlett during the holiday vacation week as well as a special excursion to Sawyer’s River on January 2nd.

Steam Trains 2102 & 425: Passing the Torch

Making its last run to Jim Thorpe for some time is 4-6-2 425, a 1928-built Baldwin Pacific. Having been the regular power for most of the years since 2007, the distinctive blue locomotive will go down soon for a federally mandated rebuild. Completing its first full year rebuilt is Reading Company 4-8-4 2102. The famed T-1 ran a number of Reading Rambles in the 1960s, one of the first mainline excursion locomotives and a Pennsylvania icon. The 2102 briefly ran for Blue Mountain & Reading for 1987 to 1991, and would have to wait 30 years to receive full rebuild. Since an impressive return in 2022, the 2102 has returned to the Rambles without missing a beat, operating louder and better than ever.

N&W 611 - The Virginia Tour 2015

In late spring and early summer 2015, the Norfolk & Western 611 operated the Virginia Tour, a series of eleven excursions throughout her home state of Virginia over Norfolk Southern, with excursions based out of Manassas, Lynchburg, and Roanoke, Virginia.

Western Maryland 1309

Western Maryland Scenic Railroad 2-6-6-2 1309 powers a series of Polar Express excursions. This 1949-built Baldwin Mallet takes charge with these Christmas trains up the former WMRY and Cumberland & Pittsburgh Railroad to Frostburg Depot.

Cass Scenic Railroad Appalachian Fall Foliage 2014 

Deep in the Appalachian spine of West Virginia lies the small town of Cass, home to the world famous Cass Scenic Railroad. The railroad is home to the worlds largest collection of Shay steam locomotives, three of which we see in operation, along with Heisler #6 on the railroad's Whitaker trips.

Nickel Plate Road 765 

The Indiana Rail Experience brings big steam to the little towns of the Indiana Northeastern Railroad with Nickel Plate Road no. 765, and for one Saturday in August, the experience was brought to South Milford, Ind. Coinciding with the rededication of a memorial honoring local veterans, short-but-scenic excursions with the fan-favorite engine were offered as an additional salute to those who served.

Durbin & Greenbrier Valley Railroad Climax 3 Geared Steam In The Appalachians

Durbin & Greenbrier Valley Railroad's 55 ton Climax type steam locomotive operating in the beautiful fall foliage in the Appalachian Mountains of West Virginia. The route of the "Durbin Rocket" follows the scenic Greenbrier river for about 5 and a half miles, running even deeper into the heart of the West Virginia Wilderness.

Thunder on, 734 - WMSR 734

For over two decades, the Western Maryland spirit was well represented from the unlikeliest of sources; a Michigan based iron ore hauler. With the bulky 2-8-0 now exiting service for a Federally mandated rebuild, we look back on the route, the tourist operation, and this locomotive in “Thunder On, 734.”

Mount Rainier Railroad & Logging Museum

The Mt. Rainier Railroad & Logging Museum has been a mainstay of steam operations in Washington for over 30 years, with numerous operational steam engines. During the summer months, the railroad operates weekend service (rain or shine) between Elbe Station and the shops at Mineral, a leisurely seven-mile round trip. At Mineral, passengers disembark for a tour of the logging museum and engine shop. For this video, Polson Logging Company 2-8-2 70, a 1922-built Baldwin, is at the head of the excursions.

Tweetsie Railroad - 12 turns 100

The Tweetsie Railroad celebrates the 100th birthday of their #12. This ten-wheeler was originally operated on the East Tennesee & West North Carolina Railroad. It was sold to the Tweetsie Railroad in 1955, where it has operated since. #190, a White Pass & Yukon 2-8-2, also joins the celebration. This footage was taken during the 2017 Railroad Heritage Weekend.

Flying Scotsman in the USA

In the summer of 1970, the locomotive operated on the second leg of its United States tour that took the engine from Boston, MA to San Francisco, CA over a three-year period. This footage follows the engine across Missouri to St. Louis on the former Wabash as we celebrate the world famous Flying Scotsman for the 100th birthday.

Iowa Interstate 6988

On her final runs before an FRA Form 4 rebuild, IAIS 6988, a 2-10-2 operating two days of excursions behind Iowa Interstate 2-10-2 6988 out of Des Moines, IA. The "Iowa Bolt" put on a great show through the Hawkeye state.​

Norfolk & Western 1218

Norfolk & Western A class 2-6-6-4 1218 making its mainline excursion debut in 1987 out of Roanoke, and various other excursions in the 1980s in Ohio. Select clips from "The Awesome A" and "Nickel Plate Summer", available at

Milwaukee Road 261

Milwaukee Road 261 is one of the Midwest's premier steam locomotives for the mainline. These trips, operated for the Milwaukee Road Historical Association, traveled over the rails of the Twin Cities and Western, a Minnesota shortline. These trips operated two days, extending westward from Minneapolis over two routes; one day on the former Minneapolis & St. Louis, the other on a remnant of the old Milwaukee Road's Pacific Coast Extension, one of 261's old stomping grounds.

Norfolk & Western In the Steam Era Part 1

From the archives of the Western Railway Museum comes this all new series of archival railroad videos. Noted railroad cinematographer Don Kehl photographed railroad all over the United States starting in 1955. Dynamo Productions and Hunter Lohse have teamed up to present to you this look back in time to the Golden Age of Railroading. We begin this series with a look at the last great frontier of steam in the United States for a mainline railroad, the Norfolk & Western.

Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Woodburning Steam Trains

In August 2021, the Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad hosted the Victorian Iron Horse Roundup. A number of 19th-century era narrow gauge locomotives were brought in to operate specials between Antonito, CO and Chama, NM. The video showcases the two oldest locomotives together, the "Eureka" and the "Glenbrook," as they doublehead to Cumbres Pass. The two wood burners put on quite the show on the Rio Grande's Chama line with a 4% grade up to 10,015 feet in elevation.

Soo Line 1003 

Based in Hartford, Wisconsin, Soo Line 1003 operates on selective occasions. On the weekend of November 12-13, 2022, the locomotive was steamed up to make an appearance on the Hartford Santa Train and then a Trains Magazine photo charter the following day. 1003 shatters the otherwise quiet atmosphere of the Wisconsin farmlands with its thunderous bark as it hustles a fast-moving freight train along Wisconsin & Southern rails.

Northern Central Railway York 17

Headquartered in New Freedom Pennsylvania, Steam Into History, now the Northern Central Railway operates about 20 miles of the old Northern Central Railway mainline from New Freedom to York Pennsylvania as a steam powered tourist railway operation. Utilizing a 4-4-0 American type steam engine, NCR's excursions and general atmosphere is based on the America Civil War, and the role the railroad's played in it, particularly on this very route.

Train Expo 2014

June 20-22, 2014: the Steam Railroading Institute hosted Train Expo 2014 in Owosso, Michigan. For this, eight steam locomotives attended the event and were under steam. This video will show all eight of the steam locomotives that were brought in.

Mt Washington Cog Railway

Some say that a trip aboard the Mount Washington Cog Railway is like traveling from New Hampshire to the Arctic Circle in one hour. Despite the railroad’s relatively short length of three miles, this unusually steep line travels through four distinctive climate zones as it scales the western slope of Mount Washington, the highest peak in the Northeastern United States. With an average grade of 25% and a maximum grade of 36.6%, the Mount Washington Cog Railway is the steepest railway in the United States and the second steepest railway in the world. To navigate the steep grades, the line utilizes a “rack and pinion” system, where toothy wheels at the center of the train, referred to as pinions or cogs, grab onto a special rack rail to pull the train up the grade.

Sierra Railroad 3 - Back to the Future

Great Scott! It looks like 1885 again... or at least 1990. In September 2018, the Sierra Railway hosted a special “Back to the Future” event. A prop Delorean was brought in, along with reenactors, “Hill Valley” decor and various other details brought in, but most notably the steam engine somehow brought back from its explosive demise.

Great Smoky Mountains 1702

The Great Smoky Mountains Railroad operates out of Bryson City, NC over the former Southern Railway Murphy Branch. Since 1988, scenic excursions have been operated along the Tuckasegee River and into the Nantahala Gorge.

Southern 4501

The 4501 became the engine which started the Southern's famed Steam Program in 1966, which would go on to utilize numerous steam locomotives in excursion service throughout the entire Norfolk Southern system through 1994. The 4501 sat serviceable between 1998 and 2013. With NS starting a new steam program in 2011, the 4501 finally had reason to return to steam. Following a thorough rebuild in 2014, the 4501 once again operates excursions as part of 21st Century Steam.

East Broad Top 16 Return To Steam

The East Broad Top Railroad of Orbisonia, PA is a narrow gauge icon. The once prosperous narrow gauge railroad of Pennsylvania coal country was kept virtually intact when the line closed in 1956. The new owners kept the railroad as is, with steam returning in tourist service in 1960. Regular operation would continue for decades with several of the railroad's steam engines continuing to operate until 2011. Continued expense would shut EBT down for what seemed an indefinite amount of time.

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